A new initiative encourages commuting by E-bike

A new initiative encourages commuting by E-bike

Concern for the environment has been hitting the news headlines but pollution is more than just an environmental challenge – it affects many aspects of human health and wellbeing too.  In response, the Scottish Government recently introduced a range of measures promoting sustainable and active travel to encourage more people to use bicycles for short journeys.  

Alongside the new funding, commuters can use Green Commute Initiative (GCI), a relative newcomer to the cycle-to-work industry.  GCI is leading the way with its unique offering.  The scheme has no £1,000 spending limit, no exit fees and offers tax-free savings of up to 47%.  This enables scheme participants to choose quality E-bikes, or conventional pedal, or even cargo bikes, if they prefer.  The choice is theirs.

E-bikes bypass many issues such as long journey times, traffic congestion, inconvenient public transport timetables, lack of affordable car parking and high car running costs.  At the same time, individual health and fitness is improved as well as the quality of air that surrounds us all.  The E-bike battery assistance (which kicks in when required) means hills and distances are no longer sweat-inducing obstacles.  Employees can arrive at work on time, wearing their business attire, feeling healthier, happier and become more effective in their workplace.  Everyone wins with an E-bike.

Established in 2016, GCI is a social enterprise and is HMRC compliant as well as being the only cycle-to-work scheme provider to be FCA authorised and regulated.  In addition, it supports independent bike shops with low commission rates and fast payments. 

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