Case study: Surelift UK

Case study: Surelift UK

Surelift UK Ltd is a Peterhead-based company specialising in lifting, inspection, certification and non-destructive testing. In April 2016, it merged with its sister company Plant Shifters to expand the range of services to include specialist movement of machinery and equipment.

Surelift operates across many industry sectors from oil and gas, decommissioning, renewables, maritime and pharmaceutical to food and drink with operating centres in Peterhead and Aberdeen. Steve McDonald, owner and director at Surelift said: “Surelift joined Peterhead Energy Hub in April 2015 and one of the main benefits of being a member has been the open and collaborative approach to promote and attract business to Peterhead.

“Many of the members of the Peterhead Energy Hub are both customers and suppliers of Surelift, which further cements our working relationships and ability to act with a clear concise service offering to customers who are currently operating from Peterhead, or considering using Peterhead for their business activities.

“During the various meetings of the group, it was apparent that the potential customers would benefit largely from a wider understanding of the range of services available in Peterhead.

“Marketing all of our services and promoting our businesses through the Peterhead Energy Hub has been a fantastic success.

“It broadens the opportunities for all members, and provides customers with a much wider knowledge of services available from one location.”

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