We are delighted to reveal that pupils at St Columba’s School have secured excellent examination results again in 2019. Examination results across the board were first class, particularly at Higher where our pupils achieved the second highest results on the school’s Higher record and bucked a national attainment trend.

Following their release by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), today (6 August 2019), St Columba’s results show an increase in A-C pass rates at Higher and Advanced Higher examination levels with 42% of the year group in SV achieving 5As at Higher. These are the second highest results on record at the school, which is consistently ranked within the top independent schools in Scotland, and an increase of over 10% on the last 2 years. These strong statistics buck the national trend where Higher results fell by two percentage points to 74.8%.

Our Rector, Andrea Angus, warmly welcomed today’s news.

“We are absolutely delighted to learn that our pupils have delivered such an excellent set of results,” she said.

“I also want to pay tribute to our staff, who have gone above and beyond for our pupils. They have delivered demanding course programmes with imagination, flair and considerable thought for the learning needs of their pupils.

“These results reflect a great deal of hard work from many people, but they also highlight our open policy towards examination presentations.

“That freedom is a vital part of our ethos. It also means that the results are a genuine reflection of the work of all involved.”

These impressive results are underpinned by our open presentation policy. This means we encourage pupils to enter subjects they are inspired by. That freedom of choice is a vital part of our School’s ethos.

Key statistics for our 2018/19 session examination diet:

Pass rates A-C

National 5:                   97 %             71.1% A

S5 Higher:                    94.3%              68.7% A

S5 & S6 Higher:           92.5%             61.3% A

Advanced Higher:        92.4%            59.5% A