It all started with Covid – the biggest disruption to our personal and working lives that most of us have ever experienced. Two and a half years of ever-changing regulations, different government support as well as shifting consumer demand was a challenge that all organisations struggled to navigate.

But as we started the transition to a “new normal”, even more challenges reared their heads. Labour and skills shortages in a tight labour market that continues to be a real challenge for organisations of all sizes. The worsening cost of living crisis that is already impacting employees all across the country. A looming economic recession that brings back memories that are all too recent.

It has truly been an unprecedented few years, with no sign of returning to business as usual. But it is at times of crisis that people can come together to learn from each other, pick up tips and find solutions to the same problems that others grapple with. That’s why we are delighted that the annual CIPD Scotland Conference is back in person in Edinburgh on September 14, with speakers from leading organisations including Deloitte, Bilfinger UK, Vision Express and BAE Systems.

Recruitment and retention in a post-Covid labour market are high on the agenda. We know that skills development and progression opportunities are increasingly sought by applicants, who have become a lot savvier about what to ask for from their employers. The conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn from others how they navigate strong demand for labour, while making vacant roles as attractive as possible and minimising existing staff turnover.

Of course, a tight labour market, with strong competition for talent, means that the role of reward becomes even more important. And reward does not just mean a salary – the package is a lot more varied these days. Reward is also linked to financial wellbeing, with employers using increasingly creative ways to support their existing employees through an escalating cost of living crisis.

But the presence of new challenges does not mean that old challenges have disappeared. Indeed, if anything, they have become even more pronounced. Digital transformation coupled with shifting ways of working is one such example. The recent pace of change requires agility and adaptability from businesses of all sizes.

The conference is open to non-members and employers from all sectors and industries. Come and join us as we bring people together to share their insights, compare best practice and learn from each other for the benefit of organisations and their employees.

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