Many of the calls Glasgow-based IT company Buttered Host is now receiving are for the type of help none of us envisaged would be needed just a few short weeks ago.

Founder Gill Wilson is busy putting her two-decades worth of experience in the IT industry to good use, not only by offering her usual services of website maintenance and redesign, but also helping all manner of businesses overcome the unique challenges posed by these straitened times.

Take three of her clients, for example – a journalist, a fitness instructor and a counselling service – their modus operandi are as different as they come, but there is one thing they all need to do.

“Communicating and continuing to engage with their clients is key,” said Gill. “It is not the time for businesses to be distracted, to turn their attention to something else.

“To the contrary, it is time for businesses to invest in their online presence, to ramp up their level of communication and to maximise the efficiency of what they do.”

Buttered Host

is helping the first leverage the data generated by his local news hub, interpreting how to engage with his readers to best effect.

is guiding the second through the process of digitising her business – online workouts have come of age!

has helped the third by prompting the counsellors to record training videos specifically for those who would like to follow in their footsteps.

Gill said: “For all of my clients, it is about helping them identify new opportunities and potentially a new way of doing business that they can build on.

“It can be tough for businesses that have suddenly lost direct contact with customers, but there are also opportunities to create new platforms that will provide new sources of income in the future.”