Despite living in the digital era, face-to-face and on-site meetings are still a crucial element in facilitating businesses and maintaining relationships. The demands of doing business in the modern world adds increasing pressure to companies when seeking solutions for their business travel needs, especially international air travel. Take a look at the top 5 necessities for any corporate traveller…


Companies are conscious of controlling their expenditures, when it once was the norm to travel Business class, many are now opting for lower cost alternatives. Hence, competitive pricing in both classes, Business and Economy, is the key deciding factor for the business traveller. Turkish Airlines offers exclusive Corporate Club programmes to businesses of all sizes, in Scotland with frequent discounts in both Business and Economy Classes with increased baggage allowance as standard.


The need to make and change bookings on the go is now a necessity for businesses to keep up with the pace of changing circumstances. Rescheduling and cancelling travel plans at the last minute happens regularly, meaning airlines need to adapt to this new way of working. Plans change and the travel itinerary must adapt at a moment’s notice. Turkish Airlines Corporate Club programme offers flexibility with free re-booking, re-routing and, in some cases, even refunds.


The seasoned business traveller is all too familiar with the never-ending “road” from one destination to the next. Consequently, services on offer need to cater to this fact. Whether it be the food and amenities, transit facilities or customer service, business travellers now require service reaching above and beyond general expectation. All of Turkish Airlines flights offer delicious, complimentary on-board catering for every passenger. Customer Service is an integral part of all packages, with a dedicated team based at Edinburgh Airport. The award-winning business lounge facilities designed for transfer passengers, features everything from suite rooms for longer layovers to luxuries including the in-lounge golf simulator.

Ease of Access

Connections from Scotland to the rest of the world have increased rapidly, enabling a new ease of access from Edinburgh to global destinations. Passengers require straight-forward itineraries, removing the hassle out of an already hectic schedule. Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline and has departures from Edinburgh. Asia, the Middle East and Africa will all be at your fingertips.

No Strings Attached

The modern traveller desires an extensive list of requirements. As a result, companies benefit from being flexible with their contracts and fluid with their offers in order to keep modern travellers loyal, pleased and comfortable. With no membership or exit fees, Turkish Airlines Corporate Club comes complete with Business counter check-in and lounge access in the membership country.

To find out more and apply for the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club programme call 0131 333 1282 or email