June saw DYW and Dundee and Angus College jointly host an afternoon tea at the Training Restaurant within the College.

The idea behind the event was to create a passion and enthusiasm for hospitality within schools, to inform people of the career opportunities available within the Hospitality Industry and to look at how to create a parity of esteem between careers within hospitality and other industries.

DYW wanted to look at the variety of educational routes into hospitality and to look at the types of pupils that would be suited to a career in the sector. Discussions were encouraged about what we can do to ’future proof’ the industry and try to fill the gaps that there are currently in mid to high level jobs.

Hospitality and Tourism is a key sector for Scotland, and for Dundee & Angus in particular, with the opening in 2018 of the V&A Museum of Design in Dundee estimated to attract over 275,000 visitors each year. Helping young people develop their skills and attract them into careers in this sector is vital in ensuring our businesses can thrive and cope with customer demand.

With a wide variety of careers in hospitality, this industry will deliver many opportunities for young people to build long-lasting and successful careers, with a wide variety of extremely transferable skills and knowledge. A very attractive option indeed!

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