Travelknowhow Scotland is a unique, government funded initiative that is leading the way in supporting businesses to encourage changes in workplace travel behaviour.

Travelknowhow Scotland is a free online resource which offers organisations across Scotland free, easy access to a wide variety of travel planning solutions to develop and implement workplace Travel Plans and to engage with employees in order to start changing travel behaviour within organisations. Covering travel by both staff and visitors the website offers:

  • access to travel planning information and links to local resources;
  • specialist travel planning advice;
  • specialist marketing advice to aid employee engagement;
  • practical hints and tips;
  • adaptable downloadable templates aimed at providing cost effective internal and external communications.

Funded and supported by Scotland’s 7 Regional Transport Partnerships and Transport Scotland, Travelknowhow Scotland supports and contributes directly to the achievement of the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Scotland ambition in relation to reducing transport emissions and achieving wider Climate Change Act objectives and outcomes.

With its unique web-based toolkit structure Travelknowhow Scotland offers comprehensive guidance, resources and expert support on all aspects of Travel Plan implementation in a format that is highly accessible for any organisation looking to develop and implement a Travel Plan. It provides resource efficiencies in terms of time and financial resources whilst offering organisations advice and support specific to their particular needs.

Over 175 Scottish organisations are currently registered on the website.

Fiona Bailey of Scottish Water said: “Travelknowhow is our go to place when looking for additional resources on Sustainable Travel. It provides quick and easy advice ensuring we can deliver the best sustainable options to our people. It is a great resource which provides us with effective support in promoting sustainable travel.”

In Spring 2019, with funding from the Smarter Choices, Smarter Place Open Fund and the 7 Scottish Regional Transport Partnerships, Travelknowhow Scotland will be running an exciting 6- month pilot project for a Workplace Multi Modal Data Capture and Engagement Platform.

This platform will provide participating organisations with a multi – faceted approach, driven by robust data capture, that allows for engagement with employees through an ongoing, two-way communication channel that is much more personalised to them and their circumstances. This pilot system provides an opportunity to extend/enhance the current Travelknowhow Scotland offer through its ability to capture, analyse and utilise data to engage with users and encourage changes in travel behaviour.

For more information on how Travelknowhow Scotland can assist your organisation, contact or visit and register to gain full access to all available resources.