Founded as recently as 2013, Ogilvies of Haddington may well be proof that from small acorns mighty oaks grow, for they are a fine furniture and cabinet makers that are making their mark in Scotland and further afield. 

As well as one-off furniture commissions, the skilled team design and build high-quality handmade cabinetry that endures, for kitchens, studies and wine cellars, for example. 

Their growing success is all the more intriguing given founder Ewan Ogilvie began his career in accountancy, before retraining at a local furniture school and building the business up gradually over the last five years.   

 “Customers can visit our workshop and see their furniture take shape, everything is made right here in our workshop in East Lothian,” explains Ewan.

“We always strive to make a better product and use higher quality materials than any other company you’ll find. Each piece of furniture is designed from scratch, then crafted with a fine attention to detail.

“Provenance is important to us and our customers, so we use materials sourced from Scotland wherever possible.  Sometimes we’re able to say from which particular tree a piece of furniture has been made – this is our ideal, as it adds to the resonance of the piece. 

 “We are proud to be Scottish, and the .scot domain emphasises our identity and helps us to stand out from the crowd on the internet too.  

“On a practical level, the .scot domain is a good fit for our business because it makes our location clear to customers, helps us to find other local businesses and for them to find us. 

“Scotland has a tradition of excellence in arts and crafts; the domain helps us to connect with other people in our field and work together to raise the profile of the Scottish furniture building industry.”