Travel by public transport requires a lot more thought and planning than just getting into a car. In this article, Travelknowhow Scotland shares how organisations can make public transport more accessible.

Public transport is an important part of an Active and Sustainable Travel Plan, but what if your employees are unfamiliar with bus and rail travel? To encourage the use of public transport, employees need simple, effective measures that will make them aware of the options available to them for the journey to and from the workplace, as well as for business travel and travel during lunchtimes.

Here are some ideas on how organisations can make public transport more accessible for employees:

  • Provide comprehensive information. Provide employees with comprehensive information about the public transport options available in the area, including schedules, routes, and fares.

Link to Traveline Scotland for uptodate travel information – download the widget onto organisations website or intranet.

  • Use digital platforms. Use digital platforms to provide information to employees, such as email newsletters, company intranets, or mobile apps that provide real-time updates on public transport schedules and delays.
  • Offer training sessions. Offer training sessions to employees on how to use public transport effectively, including how to plan their journeys and buy tickets.
  • Provide incentives. Provide incentives for employees to use public transport, such as offering discounted or free tickets, or providing subsidies for public transport expenses.
  • Partner with public transport companies. Partner with public transport companies to provide tailored information for employees, such as dedicated routes or schedules.
  • Display information on premises. Display information on public transport options in prominent locations within the workplace, such as notice boards or screens in communal areas.
  • Create a transport policy. Develop a transport policy that outlines the company’s commitment to encouraging sustainable transport options, and the support available to employees who choose to use public transport.

More information and resources on public transport can be found on the Travelknowhow Scotland website.

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