Would you like to understand more about how to develop a Workplace Travel Plan and the support that is available to help you encourage more sustainable commuting and business travel?

As workplaces and employees navigate their way through these difficult and uncertain times, now is the time to take stock and plan for the new normal. It is an opportunity to take some time to understand how your employees are feeling about returning to the workplace and their daily commute and to give consideration to how travel planning for the longer term can allow for greater workplace flexibility and drive efficiencies and allow your business to create a new, greener normal that is beneficial to all.

The workshops are designed to support organisations to develop a workplace travel plan as well as providing help with navigating the many schemes, funding opportunities and active and sustainable travel behaviour initiatives that are available across Scotland and in their particular region to find what works best for you and your employees.

As part of our offer to Scottish workplaces, organisations signing up to the workshops will also been given the opportunity to take advantage of some FREE consultancy time, providing them with valuable, hands on support for their specific workplace. This free consultancy time is limited and will be allocated by region, on a first come, first serve basis.

There are limited spaces available at each of the virtual workshops, so if you are interested in attending one of these FREE workshops contact us today at 
info@travelknowhowscotland.co.uk to express your interest and we will confirm the dates and times of the workshops happening in your area.

So, sign up today to secure your place at one of the virtual workshops and to be in with a chance of accessing the FREE consultancy time.