Having fast reliable and flexible full fibre connectivity is vital to the future success of Scottish businesses – and now is the time to invest, says Alex Ferguson, Head of Business Development at Mother Technologies.

The most recent Business Barometer report from Bank of Scotland Commercial Banking showed that confidence in Scotland declined by 15 points to 27% in June, due to concerns over inflation. But Scottish companies also said that they have more confidence about their own prospects – the figure was up 18 points to 49% – and are eager to invest in the future with a notable boom in the tech industries

Now is certainly the time to invest. While businesses may be concerned about the short-term, the upturn is coming, and Scottish companies need to be ready. There are many challenges for businesses at the present time. They are having to adapt to new ways of working, address the skills shortage, and find ways of making their businesses more sustainable.

They need to be more agile and responsive, so they can deliver a better service and customer experience, and also to provide the flexibility that is increasingly expected of businesses, both from customers and their employees.

Agile and responsive

Driven by these factors, we’ve seen a real acceleration in adoption of cloud services by Scottish businesses over recent months. With apps and services accessible from anywhere, businesses can embrace hybrid working, provide greater flexibility for their employees, and take advantage of the unlimited scalability of public cloud services. The increased agility the cloud gives them also means they can be more responsive and offer a better service to their customers.

For all these reasons, having access to fast, reliable and cost-effective broadband has never been more important. That’s why investments like the one that CityFibre is making to bring full fibre connectivity to Scottish cities is critical to our future success. Mother Technologies is a CityFibre City Champion partner for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen and we’ve already helped many Scottish companies to install full fibre broadband and start benefiting from the tremendous speeds and reliable performance it delivers.

It’s important to understand that not all broadband – and not all infrastructure providers – are the same. We chose to work closely with CityFibre because they share our view that IT and connectivity services need to be tailored to fit the needs of each customer. We have helped many of our customers migrate to the cloud in recent times. But that can’t be done successfully without good, adaptable, dependable connectivity.

Transformative potential

We chose to work with CityFibre because we saw just how committed the company is to investing in Scotland and bringing the benefits of high-quality and affordable full fibre to Scottish businesses. We also saw that it was determined to deliver a better service to customers that will unleash the transformative economic potential of full fibre and thus help Scottish businesses make the very best use of cloud solutions and become more agile and competitive.

The Bank of Scotland’s Business Barometer report also noted that one of the areas in which Scottish businesses are keen to invest is entering new markets. To do that, fast broadband will be essential. As Scotland looks to the future, it will need to be able to compete on the world stage and reach out to international markets. The speed, reliability and agility that full fibre delivers will be vital and investing in it now will provide a firm foundation for future success.

At Mother Technologies we can help you connect to super-fast, reliable Fibre Broadband powered by CityFibre with SMEs in mind, we have the solution for you.