As the first company in the world to carry out a vessel mounted oil exchange on an offshore wind turbine back in 2013 Renewable Oil Services have now performed more than 500 offshore wind turbine oil exchanges on various turbines carrying out the gear, hydraulic and glycol coolant exchange in a Safe, Clean and Efficient manner.

When approached by Innogy Renewables to assist them in carrying out the hydraulic oil exchange on the 25 Siemens 3.6mw turbines at their Rhyl Flats wind farm located in the Irish Sea just north of the Port of Mostyn, Renewable Oil Services mobilised our offshore oil exchange equipment, man power, Castrol hydraulic oil product and chosen vessel for the project Mareel’s “Caernarfon Bay”.

With the our team in place at the Port of Mostyn we carried out the full 25 turbine hydraulic oil exchange’s including hydraulic system flushing on every turbine in record time where we achieved 3 complete turbine hydraulic oil exchanges including system flushing in one single operational day reducing the turbine down time to the minimal possible time and achieving this in a Safe, Clean and Efficient Manner with the use of our specialised modulated oil exchange equipment and experienced oil exchange technicians.

Arwel Jones, Innogy Renewables Rhyl Flats: Pleasure to have you and the team on site. The task was conducted professionally, respectful of our site and in a timely manner.The whole operation was seamless from the second the contract was awarded. This is due to the professionalism of the back office and followed up with the high standards both technicians displayed daily.

Both team members were thoroughly liked by all team members and fitted in with our team. This helps when combining contractors and FTE together on such a task.The experience ROS has at this was plain to see, this put our team members at ease and in result saw us achieve our goal.

Barry Sutherland, Managing Director Renewable Oil Services: We pride ourselves at ROS in being on the fore front of oil exchange services within the wind turbine industry where we are continually innovating to provide our customers with a high standard of service while helping them to reduce turbine down time and LCOE.