The world of publishing has advanced light years with the launch of a visionary networking platform christened Reveela.

Distinctive Publishing is now working in partnership with the new hub to give the media, publishing and business sectors access to the unbridled data-crunching power of artificial intelligence – and the resultant precision-targeting that ensures every editorial, press release and advert hits its mark.

Founder and chief executive John Graham said: “Reveela enables just about anyone to understand exactly what the media landscape looks like at any point of any day.

“Its AI brain can process huge volumes of data in seconds to generate insights that aren’t humanly possible.”

Four years in the making, Reveela’s unique selling point is its ability to evaluate the media landscape as a whole – to actually understand the information running through its veins. And the more users interact with it and each other, the more it understands and acts on their behalf.

The ability to distinguish who is talking about what and where – globally – perfects the art of targeting the right journalist, publication and/or social influencer with the right material.

“It can distinguish topics and mode of thought quite easily and at massive speed and scale, and ultimately make connections based on relevancy,” he said.

At the heart of Reveela is a finely-tuned system comprising more than 500 possible classifications that assesses a new article within 15 seconds of being uploaded. Having distilled the meaning and intent of the article and taken into account the user’s own profile, it swiftly identifies who else is discussing that topic.

Kerry Veitch, co-founder of Reveela, said: “With physical publications in decline and the rise of social media, it has become impossible for a person to manually identify and share their information across all relevant outlets. The content creation industry has billions of outlets and it grows noisier by the day.

“Now Reveela can do the heavy-lifting for you in an instant – it can observe, interpret, evaluate and, yes, make decisions at almost incomprehensible speed.”

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