£414m gross value has been added to Dumbarton’s economy since the creation of Strathleven Regeneration CIC. The new job count is 671 and 344 houses have been built.  SRCIC has a solid track record of private investment as it moves forward towards a new era.

Working with Walker Construction, Chivas, Costa, Whitbread, Aggreko, The BBC, and Eurogarages have resulted in an impressive £112m of private sector investment. The Strathleven Regeneration model remains in robust condition to meet all of the economic and social challenges ahead.

SRCIC’s development agreement with Walker Group of Livingstone reached its natural end in December 2018 and this was marked by a successful event held at Strathleven House on 28th January 2019. Directors and senior staff of all partners gathered to hear presentations on the future of the company and the great achievements co-operative working has achieved to date.

Strathleven Regeneration CIC is a lean structured organisation led by a non-exec board of experienced directors. Office Manager Sandra Armstrong has been with the company for several years and seen the transformation of the area and the delivery of its award-winning projects. Project Director, Steven Szostak joined Sandra in March last year. He has brought a wealth of experience in property regeneration, a specialist track record in ‘succession planning’ and a commitment to maximising property ownership and revenue to provide long-term income for local communities. Steven said, “We have 23 acres of prime, developable, employment land which 11million people drive past every year. We are at the gateway to Loch Lomond and our visibility and connectivity are high. Our next phase is going to be a fascinating mix of new partnership, building on successful ones and contributing more to the local area”.

Conversations are being extended to include a wider group of private sector partners and landowners around this hugely successful cooperative working and funding model. The ambition and determination of the board throughout past leaner times has translated into confidence within investors, public sector and the local population.

The next phase will focus on a closer link with the challenges facing the local residential community where unemployment remains high. The Strathleven board will be constantly measuring their impact against demanding local jobs targets. The skill will be in matching new property occupants with the availability of local labour and supply chains.

Regeneration background and board vision Steven Szostak at SRCIC on 01389 722282 or steven.szostak@strathleven.org