Launched in late August 2018, newly formed Lanarkshire Chamber has gone from strength to strength. Since January, 65 businesses have joined the refreshed Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce. By the start of Quarter 2, this will be well over one hundred members, and the Chamber is currently on track to have a membership of over 200 by the end of the year.

We have been very active in connecting our members to build a strong business community in the area. Our successful events programme, supported by Lanarkshire organisations, have taken place regularly to a great response from members. In total, we have had over 230 business people attending our events, impressive numbers for a newly-launched Chamber. In addition to our own events, Chief Executive, Sean Walls is working in collaboration with others in the area including FSB, Lanarkshire Business Hub and RBS. Together, we have formed the Lanarkshire Business Partnership to create a powerful, collaborative partnership for our local business community. The first joint event through the Partnership was held at the University of West of Scotland with over 200 businesses in attendance, with more events to come throughout the year.

From local business support to looking internationally, your Chamber is working with the Scottish Chambers of Commerce Network to tap into the global reach of the Chamber Network. Through the Chamber International Trade Partnership, we are in early discussions with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce to explore opportunities for bilateral trade and business opportunities.

With membership going from strength to strength and future international opportunities, the Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce is working hard for our members. With a strong Board in place supporting the growth and development of the Chamber, an excellent events programme in place and exceptional business volunteers giving to the Chamber, there has never been a better time to join Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce and grow your business.