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Scotland’s national walking charity, Paths for All, are asking workplaces to take steps to improve the health of their employees.

The charity recently launched a ‘Walk at Work Award’ which recognises workplaces in Scotland who promote a healthy and active workforce.

Research shows that employees that are more active in and around their working day are more productive, takes fewer sick days, and are more focused.

Why walk at work?

Walking is the simplest way to increase activity levels – it’s free, no equipment is required, most people can do it, and it can be done anywhere. It’s also easy to fit into the average working day by commuting to work on foot, taking a break from the desk for a lunchtime walk, or going on a walking meeting.

Businesses that encourage staff to walk to work for all or part of their journey can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and reduce congestion and emissions in their area.

Recent findings from UK workplaces reveal that half of all employees experience poor mental health at work, including stress, anxiety and depression. Regular walking can reduce the effects of poor mental health, particularly walking in greenspace. A short walk in a local park, woodland or garden can promote positive mental health, helping people to relax, feel refreshed and more connected.

Stop ‘sitting disease’

Given that working aged adults sit for an average 9.5 hours a day, with much of this being in the workplace, workplaces need to take action to reduce sitting time and improve health outcomes. People who spend long periods of time sitting have been found to have higher rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and poor mental health.

Paths for All’s ‘Walk at Work Award’ aims to reverse the trend of inactive workplaces and get people moving in Scotland. Supported by the Scottish Government, the awards will see thousands of employees across Scotland improving their health and wellbeing in and out of the workplace.

If you are interested in helping Scotland lead the way in promoting active, healthy and green workplaces, find out how Paths for All can support.

The Walk at Work Award

The Award equips workplaces with the knowledge they need to foster a walking culture, provide the right facilities for employees who walk to work, and support initiatives such as active meetings and lunchtime walks.

Taking part is free and open to any Scottish workplace, whether public, private or third sector, that wants to promote everyday walking.

Workplaces that register for the award will receive one-to-one support as well as examples of best practice, resources and signposting to other sources of information.

Businesses that receive the award will show that they are committed to their employee’s health and wellbeing and will have an additional employee benefit to attract and retain motivated staff.

Get in touch

Paths for All is Scotland’s national walking charity. The Walk at Work Award is supported by the Scottish Government. For more information visit
www.walkatwork.scot or get in touch at walkatwork@pathsforall.org.uk
or 01259 218888.