With COP26 in Glasgow just around the corner, there has never been a more crucial time for workplaces to take action on climate change.

Scotland is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Currently, domestic transport is responsible for the largest share, accounting for more than 25% of all Scotland’s emissions in 2019.

As workplaces across Scotland are developing their plans for net zero, it is critical that they understand the significance of transport emissions and the role that focusing on more active and sustainable modes of travel can play in reducing their carbon footprint.

2020/21 has demonstrated that, as a nation, we can change our travel behaviour and in many cases our working patterns too.

Now is the time to be planning ahead and understanding how you, as an employer, can encourage and support  travel behaviour change through implementing  the right policies to support employees,  reducing, where possible,  the need to travel and where travel is required look at walking, cycling, public and shared transport options as the preferred modes.

Travelknowhow Scotland  offers workplaces across Scotland FREE, easy access to a wide variety of travel planning solutions to help with the development and implementation of measures to engage with their employees in order to start changing travel behaviour.

The website offers:

access to travel planning information and links to local resources;

specialist travel planning advice;

specialist marketing advice to aid employee engagement;

practical hints and tips; and

adaptable downloadable templates aimed at providing cost effective internal and external communications.

Travelknowhow Scotland is also part of Way to Work, meaning we are able to work with our Way to Work partners to offer multi modal advice and to support Scottish workplaces to create the positive change needed to reach the climate change targets.

For more information about workplace travel planning and how you can make the necessary changes in your workplace, get in touch with Shona Drummond at Travelknowhow Scotland at shona@travelknowhowscotland.co.uk

Travel Guidance

Make sure that as an employer, you are aware of the most up to date government guidance on how to be safe when walking, wheeling, cycling, travelling in private vehicles or on public transport travel safely during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Visit

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