Following accreditation from Ofqual, training provider Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) has announced the launch of the Level 5 Certificate and Award in Developer Services Management.

The new programme, which will represent the UK’s first foundation degree level qualification in Developer Services Management, offers companies in the water and environmental industries with the opportunity to advance managerial knowledge and understanding of the design and construction of water and waste water network infrastructure assets and services.

Learning & Development Associates was commissioned to develop the new Level 5 framework following the success of their wider suite of higher-level qualifications, including those in the management of risk and resilience and leading innovation in the water and environmental industries.

Commenting on the launch, Glenn Jackson, Managing Director of L&DA, said: “In comparison with the only other alternative qualification in this function, the Level 5 Certificate and Award is not only more in line with current Developer Services Management (DSM) practices and regulations, it is also more appropriate in terms of education level for the roles in Developer Services – particularly as many personnel in these roles are/were engineering graduates.”

L&DA highlighted that new qualification will address the technical needs of managers and others working in the water and environmental industries and will provide learners with a thorough understanding of the rationale for water and waste water planning, design, construction and asset installation.

The Level 5 Certificate and Award in Developer Services Management will also address the important impact that commercial sustainable development has on the broader water and environmental infrastructure and will assess the ability of the industries to renew, extend, repair and replace water and waste water network assets.

A representative of L&DA’s delivery team further added: “The launch of the new qualification provides a clear education pathway for managers and builds upon our company mission at L&DA to advance the competence of the water and environmental industries.

Addressing key themes such as water quality standards of water networks, environmental regulation requirements for sewerage systems, safe and hygienic installation of water assets, and best practice in the design of new water assets, the qualification presents an opportunity enhance the knowledge and understanding of managers and counter any skills gaps in the DSM function.”

The new qualification is expected to result in a short 5-day course that will be available for delivery from February 2021.

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