hamilton college students

A survey was recently conducted asking people if they had heard of Hamilton College or if they knew what it was? The results were broad as expected.

“That’s a teacher training building on Bothwell Road” said one, “That’s a College in Hamilton, the other one is in Paisley” said another. Whilst there has been incorrect answers given to those unaware of the school, one answer sticks out for the pupils who attend Hamilton College. It’s home.

One of the main reasons Hamilton College is home to many of our pupils is because each of our three schools (Nursery, Junior and Senior) are based under the same roof. Pupils who join from Nursery before leaving in S6 spend approximately 15 years in the same building, thus making it their second home.

A home isn’t complete without a family.Hamilton College has and is, a very supportive family.

Pupils are nurtured from a young age by our teachers, pastoral care and support staff. Our transition programme throughout the year introduces children to various new areas of Hamilton College so they become familiar with the building, teachers and other pupils.

Pupils and staff also support each other due to the caring ethos. As a Christian school, we instil the elements of our ethos, Grace, Confidence, Wisdom, Innovation, Compassion and Reflection from a young age. This helps mould each child into a kind, appreciative, capable and confident young adults and this lives with them long after they leave Hamilton College.

Hamilton College may be an independent school based for ages 3 – 18 in Hamilton, around 20 minutes from Glasgow, however, it’s home to our pupils.