Fife Chamber of Commerce has recently appointed a new Event Executive, Staci Hattan, to support our innovative and ambitious events programme. As well as great event skills and experience Staci brings a formidable wealth of talent from her time in the military.

When asked about the talents that her time the army fostered, rather than focus on a list of skills and work experience, Staci recollected her basic training and the values and standards that instilled.

Before joining the army, Staci had no particular goals or plans for the future. Her decision to join the miliary was based on a desire to travel and meet different people and wanting something that was physically active. She is sure that her basic training gave her the foundations to become a rounded and effective team player. Staci was able to recollect the values unprompted!

  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Selfless commitment

These, coupled with standards of always acting in a professional, lawful and acceptable way, make Staci a formidable and valuable member of the team.

Her adaptability when facing different and fast-moving situations came in very useful when transitioning from a military career to the business environment. Staci learned very quickly to ask for a cuppa rather than a brew!

Staci commented: “I’m loving the opportunity to bring my skills, talents and values to this role with Fife Chamber. The programme of events I’m overseeing is challenging and exciting.

The event I’m most proud about is the Armed Forces Lunch, which is in the very early stages of planning, so I don’t want to say too much, except watch this space!”

Fife Chamber CEO Alan Mitchell added: “Fife Chamber is proud to have its advocacy work on behalf of former service men and women recognised with the award of the ERS Gold Award. However, it is great that we are now benefitting in a very direct way from the values and standards our former service men and women can bring to Fife employers.”

Depending on where in Scotland they’re based, Employers who would like to find out more about supporting the defence community and signing up for the Armed Forces Covenant can visit Employer Recognition Scheme – Highland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association ( or Employer Recognition Scheme (