Two questions that we know exist when considering both independent education for your children, and the benefits of boarding.

Boarding in the 21st Century allows each child to develop and flourish in an individual way that combines character development, academic growth, enrichment and lifelong relationships. Time not spent travelling to and from school every day can be spent far more wisely. A boarding life teaches them tolerance, patience, respect and independence, within an environment of warmth, support, care and love. It develops soft skills which are going to be needed in the world in which they will enter at 18, a world which changes at great pace. It provides stability and consistency, and endless access to experts, friends and passionate individuals. It prepares and guides them; it gives them the confidence to stretch themselves to do things they never thought they could. It readies them for the next stage of their lives, and produces assured, modest, well-rounded and thoughtful individuals, who go on to succeed. Relationships are at a depth and are built from a community rich in diversity and span the globe as boarding in the UK is a popular choice for overseas students. These relationships last a lifetime, and boarding leaves a positive legacy which remains forever.

The key in today’s age is to make this as affordable as possible, whilst ensuring standards and quality of care are not compromised. Within a school which achieved ‘excellent’ for every measure of pastoral care in its last inspection, we have maintained a price which we feel is affordable, with the cost of a boarding education at £69.04 per day over 365 days for a senior boarder (less for junior boarders).

There are alternative boarding arrangements that can also be made, which can include flexi and occasional boarding to meet a variety of needs unique to their circumstances and parents’ work commitments.

The culture of being ‘sent away’ is now well and truly banished to the last Century, and for good reasons. Times and society move on, and so have boarding schools in ensuring their product is outstanding and appropriate for now, and for the future.

Tony Jackson is the Headmaster of Barnard Castle School, an HMC independent boarding and day school for 4-18 set in the beautiful surroundings of the Teesdale valley in North East England.

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