We are all aware that changes are required for the commuting and transport needs of our cities. Our urban centres, our most heavily populated zones, desperately require solutions that address both diversity and density. E-bikes offer all the benefits of cycling – exercise, quicker commute times, saving travel costs to those who may consider cycling as a mode of travel. From the commuter wanting to get to work quickly and safely to the more experienced cyclist who wants to push themselves with an off-road adventure and the business owner who wants to cut their carbon impact and travel costs, ebikes are an ideal solution.

The ebike Business Loan and ebike Grant Fund from the Energy Saving Trust aim to support organisations that want to reduce the carbon impact of their transport and travel with more efficient alternatives to the car, such as ebikes and ecargo pool bikes. Give Energy Saving Trust a call on 0800 0931 669 and speak to a sustainable transport coordinator about how ebikes can work for your organisation and the options that are available.

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