Travelknowhow Scotland is calling on organisations across Scotland to encourage a more climate-friendly commute, with transport currently the largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions, according to Government statistics

Travelknowhow Scotland, a Scottish-based organisation providing free workplace travel planning guidance, believe that all businesses across the private, public and third sectors, can play a pivotal role in helping to change the way we think about commuting and transport moving forward.

There are plenty of approaches that organisations can take with their travel initiatives, including supporting longer term working from home, encouraging employees to cycle to work over driving a few days per week or even incentivising greener commutes through walk to work competitions. 

More flexible working allows employees reliant on buses and trains to travel during off-peak times and ensure a safe commute to the workplace, and access to cycle lockers and changing facilities can encourage employees to change their travel behaviour. It is about knowing what measures offer the best fit for your workplace.

Travelknowhow Scotland’s FREE travel plan consultancy package, in partnership with Cycling Scotland, Sustrans and Smarter Choices Smart Places, has been extended throughout 2022/23 to support organisations in making these travel changes.

Open to all organisations across Scotland, Travelknowhow Scotland is providing three days of FREE travel planning consultancy to help organisations encourage more active and sustainable travel amongst their employees.

The announcement follows the success of Travelknowhow Scotland’s first limited consultancy support package, which saw organisations take advantage of the service to successfully improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, whilst contributing to net-zero targets.

Organisations in Scotland interested in the free consultancy can benefit from a bespoke package tailored to the requirements of their organisation. This will include employee travel survey design and analysis, strategy development, and bespoke active and sustainable travel action plan with practical measures and signposting to longer term implementation support via a network of partners.

How do I register my interest?

to make an expression of interest (no more than 200 words) and Travelknowhow Scotland will get back to you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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