Mother Technologies has been mirroring corporate extensions on user’s mobiles for years. From basic mobile twinning to elaborate collaboration tools, boundaries are not being broken by providing users with their extensions when they’re on the move or away from their desks.

During lockdown, our offices closed and the adoption of mobility applications to enable home working skyrocketed. Many applications have cleverly fulfilled our need to engage but MS Teams and Zoom top the billboard.

Both applications provide voice and video functionality for one-to-one and multi-user conferencing. Yes, the applications do have their niggles but there isn’t a competing application that doesn’t – making things simple is a complex business. Imperfections aside, Zoom and Teams are nothing short of brilliant. Both provide online meetings, chat, file sharing and screen sharing with high quality audio and video. So how do you choose which service is best for your business?

Whilst Zoom and MS Teams provide overlapping functionality, MS Teams goes far beyond the rival functionality with its 365 integration. Teams is perhaps the 1st of its kind, truly uniting voice and data into a single interface – an interface which is available on desktop, mobile and tablet irrespective of the operating system. In one month, from March to April, Teams daily users increased by 31 Million (44 to 75 Million). Its adoption is unstoppable.

Office 365 and the extensive 365 application suite (which includes Teams) is here to stay. It is dominant in the corporate workplace with many Enterprises already stipulating online engagement only though Teams. Teams may have had stiffer competition as a stand-alone application, but it is born out of 365 and a natural extension to an organisation’s 365 subscription.

In recognition of Teams dominance, Mother Technologies has now fully integrated its cloud telephony platform into MS Teams. Whilst we still provide a multitude of applications that give users the ability to put their extension in their pockets, our integration with Teams presents users with a one application for fully unified voice and data communications.

Integrated telephony with Mother & Microsoft Teams

Telephone Numbers
Retain all your existing regional telephone numbers.

Maintain full cradle to grave visibility of user’s activity (e.g. Call rates, response times, missed calls irrespective of device)

Corporate identity
Local extensions and direct dial numbers are retained for inbound and outbound calling

Address Book
Single centralised address book for all client and supplier engagement

Call Control
Retain your existing call routing plans

Call Recording
Corporate calls always recorded whether answered or initiated from desk phone or Teams

Call Handling
Users can transfer calls internally or externally as they would on their desk phones

One Number
No need to issue mobile numbers to clients or suppliers; your staff can be reached on their extension wherever they are, whatever they are using

One app
One fully integrated application for everything voice and everything data

Keeping it in Teams keeps it secure