BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow and BMI Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen provide a wide range of services to organisations that aim to improve and maintain the health of their employees

The UK health and fitness industry has seen growth fuelled by increased awareness of the benefits of exercise on both physical and mental health. The rise in obesity, heart disease and diabetes has further highlighted the need to alter sedentary lifestyles, and government initiatives and sporting events have given the industry a further boost.

The services provided through our Health First proposition take a proactive approach to each client’s needs and can be tailored to suit the requirements of each organisation we work with. The full service range includes:

Health Assessments – Offering a detailed analysis for your employees, whilst providing insight into the health of your organisation.

Physiotherapy – Providing timely diagnosis, treatment and where appropriate onward referral for your employee.

Private GP Services – Enabling your employees to get face to face medical advice with minimal waiting times.

Diagnostic Services – Delivering a wide variety of routine and specialised procedures, providing a seamless service to your employees.

Travel Health Clinics – Ensuring your employees have the correct vaccinations for both personal and business travel.

Health Education Events – Empowering your employees with practical and informative advice from our wide range of clinicians.

Each service is fully complimented by acting as a gateway to further treatment and services as deemed appropriate through our wider network of specialist Consultants who practice within our high quality facilities, unrivalled within some parts of Scotland.

Small changes can reduce risks

BMI Health assessments provide the employee (patient) with an excellent opportunity to understand their health. Our specialist team of GPs and health assessment nurses will review their health and offer practical advice on how they can make changes to help reduce the risk of developing common, but often preventable conditions such as: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

Each assessment includes quality time with a doctor or nurse to discuss any personal health concerns. Once the health assessment has been completed the client will receive advice based on their personalised consultation and results which will include recommendations on the lifestyle changes that they can make to improve their health and wellbeing.

BMI Healthcare offer 4 levels of health assessments which can cater to an individual or corporate client who wishes to offer this as part of their employee benefits. Some organisations may wish to offer several levels of assessment to their employees dependent on the physical requirements of their role. What we offer can be completely tailored to accommodate this.

Our range of health assessments are:

Essential – A heart health risk assessment and lifestyle advice from a specially trained nurse

Select – Designed to assess general health while focussing on areas of particular concern to each gender. For example, breast and testicular cancer awareness and examinations

Advanced – Covers the heart, lungs, various cancers, vision, hearing, a full set of blood tests, dietary and lifestyle appraisals and much more

Advanced Plus – Our most comprehensive assessment. Patients benefit from all the Advanced tests and examinations plus an exercise ECG to test the heart’s ability.

While there are set areas covered and tests performed across each level of assessment, the consultation with our GP and/or specialist nurse is personalised to the patient to ensure any specific areas of concern are addressed.

Corporate offerings

BMI Healthcare have over 300 nationwide corporate contracts at present with approximately 1,000 health assessments being carried out per month and can offer individual bespoke contracts that will meet the needs of each organisation.