Travelknowhow Scotland is here to enable Scottish workplaces to better support their employees with their travel choices as we work our way out of this COVID-19 pandemic.

The current situation has demonstrated that as a nation we are able to change our travel behaviour and in many cases our working patterns too. NOW is the time to encourage your employees to change their daily commute for good! Travelknowhow Scotland is on hand to help.

Travelknowhow Scotland is an online resource which offers organisations across Scotland FREE, easy access to a wide variety of travel planning solutions to help with the development and implementation of measures to engage with their employees in order to start changing travel behaviour to and from their own workplace.

The website offers:

  • access to travel planning information and links to local resources;
  • specialist travel planning advice;
  • specialist marketing advice to aid employee engagement;
  • practical hints and tips; and
  • adaptable downloadable templates aimed at providing cost effective internal and external communications.

Funded and supported by Scotland’s 7 Regional Transport Partnerships and Transport Scotland. Currently, there are over 250 workplaces across Scotland using this FREE resource.

Travelknowhow Scotland is also part of Way to Work, a partnership of ten active and sustainable travel organisations working across Scotland to support workplaces to help their employees to travel in more active and greener ways. This means we are able to offer multi modal advice to workplaces, working with our partners to provide you with access to a wealth of resources, advice and support that allows you to understand and realise the benefits of active and sustainable travel within your own workplace. From walking and cycling to public transport, shared transport options and electric vehicles, Travelknowhow Scotland can guide you through all the options open to you and your employees.

Significant business benefits to be gained

Encouraging more active and sustainable travel not only has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your workforce but brings with it significant business benefits too.

  • Healthier, more productive workplace – improves productivity and reduces absence levels.
  • Cost savings for your business – reduction in staff expenses, car parking charges, fleet management costs, National Insurance savings on Cycle to Work schemes.
  • Environmental benefits – helps to meet carbon reduction targets, reduces traffic congestion.
  • Employer of Choice – improves staff retention and recruitment and demonstrates commitment to corporate and social responsibility.


Stay Travel Safe Guidance

As we work our way out of this COVID-19 pandemic, it is key that we are all doing our bit and following the government advice.

Travelknowhow Scotland offers employers a central point for advice and support to help you navigate these difficult times and put in place active and sustainable travel measures that allow your employees to follow the Stay Travel Safe guidance.

We are here to support employers to:

Enable home working to remain if at all possible.

• Take a look at our section on flexible working arrangements for links to various guidance on how to best support your employees continuing to work from home.

Encourage their employees to walk, wheel or cycle where possible.

• Our Taking Action section has a wealth of ideas on how to encourage walking and cycling within your workplace and links to various partner organisations that offer awards schemes, challenges and various training courses to support your efforts.

Share the relevant road and public transport advice and encourage forward planning. has a FREE, easy to install journey planner widget that businesses can add to their own website allowing their employees to plan their journey to work quickly and easily using the most up to date public transport information. Also provides cycle route information.

Share current safety guidance with their employees.

• Access to all the current and up-to-date government guidance – Stay Travel Safe.

Look at alternatives working patterns to help ease congestion and avoid travel during peak times.

• Take a look at our guidance on flexible working arrangements for suggestions on how to accommodate a more flexible approach to working hours particularly at the current time.


On hand to offer workplaces practical advice and support

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Are you looking for some additional information or support at this time? We would be happy to chat through the specifics of your workplace, how we can support your business and help you to navigate the many schemes, funding opportunities and active and sustainable travel behaviour initiatives that are available across Scotland to find what works best for you and your employees. Please get in touch with the team at: