Dynamix have supplied Battery Energy Storage Units to be used in conjunction with existing power supplies and or diesel generators to smooth widely varying power demands, also to enable diesel generators to be more efficient and have lower emissions.

The diesel generator then runs at its most efficient state enabling a smaller more generator and using less fuel. At this point the emissions are lowest and also the diesel engine can run for longer between maintenance intervals. The Dynamix BESS unit can be either stand alone with a generator or connected to the grid, where it can take power for excess demand or deliver back to the grid.

The Unit is designed to DNV recommendations and can be designed to be used offshore or onshore. The unit has a sophisticated A/C system to enable optimum efficiency of the batteries coupled with a full fire safety and gas detection system to enable them to be used for safe area and Zone II requirements.

The units have DNV 2.7.1 & 2.7.2 design capability for thus can be deployed quickly for temporary additional power requirements. Other power and telecoms needs can also be incorporated in the design. The range is from 300kw in a 10 x 8 container, to a 1.2Mw in a 40 x 8 container – other bespoke sizes are available.