Fife is particularly well placed to take advantage of growing international
business opportunities.

It has a world-class manufacturing sector that is substantially bigger than the national average. It has leisure and tourism attractions that are known around the world: St Andrews is the ‘home’ of golf.

Its University has staff and students from over 130 countries. It is home to companies that are at the leading edge of software development and technological innovation that keeps the global economy connected.

Fife Chamber is supporting its members’ global ambitions with the launch of its Fife International programme, which will bring together the region’s businesses who already have an international footprint or who have ambitions to create one, and give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of trading overseas with each other. Guest speakers and international market experts will also attend the events to share their insights.

The USA will be the focus of the first meeting, with the US Consul visiting Fife to join members. Other important overseas markets will be covered in subsequent events.

The lunch with the US Consul is being sponsored by Chamber member Burness Paull LLP and Colin Brown, Director at Burness Paull LLP, said: “A significant proportion of the firm’s business is already being done worldwide, and our membership of the Lex Mundi network is providing a growing pipeline of unique opportunities for collaboration with global partners.

It is a vital part of our growth strategy, as are our well-established international desks serving the USA, China, Germany and Norway among others which are generating exciting work in those countries.

“The new international initiative being launched by Fife Chamber is an ideal way to help companies here grow both their local and international connections, and we are looking forward to supporting it and sharing our experiences of doing business on the global stage.”