Autumn is a special time to enjoy the dramatic changes in our natural environment. Scottish walking charity Paths for All are running a walking challenge for workplaces to give you and your colleagues the boost to get out there and enjoy!

The autumn Step Count Challenge begins on Monday, 30 October and runs for four weeks. Teams of five from workplaces across Scotland are invited to sign up and get motivated to walk through recording steps, goal setting, and team challenges. All whilst being in with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes including £1,000 vouchers for Macdonalds Hotels and Resort, Fitbits, shopping vouchers and more!

Better you. Better business. Better planet.

Finding new and fun ways to be active in and around the working day has huge impacts on your physical, mental and social wellbeing, which is why thousands of colleagues take part in the Step Count Challenge each year.

Ditching the car and opting to walk or wheel as all or part of your journey to work can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Moving at a slower pace offers valuable time to plan your schedule, reflect on a busy day or catch up with friends, loved ones and even your latest podcast episode.

“Most of us live in cities, and it’s hard to disconnect from the busyness. We find that getting active outdoors has a huge mental health benefit for us and helps us to zone out for a while.” – team Bayes Baes

Regular walking can reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart attacks and stroke. Encouraging physical activity in the workplace can also help to reduce staff sickness by up to 27%, so it makes sense for business too.

As the weather turns colder, the Step Count Challenge can help motivate you to spend more time outdoors. Even a short amount of time in nature can revitalise your soul, increases happiness and offers a sense of place and purpose.

“There is something magical about being outdoors. It seems like every step infuses a fresh energy in every little cell of my body and vivifies my soul.” – Charu Sharma, team ‘No Mean Feet’

Workplaces who have previously taken part in the challenge say they have had the chance to bond with colleagues in new ways, which in turn strengthens workplace relationships.

 “My team did well during the challenge, and we were always chatting and encouraging each other on our progress. We had a friendly rivalry on who could do the most steps each day.” – David Reid from team ‘A Step in the Right Direction’

“My team have bonded very well from the last challenge, and this has continued even after it stopped, with us continuing walking every day, outside when possible, and indoor walks around the hospital when the weather was bad.” – Kathryn Bone from team ‘Outpatient Sunshine Angels’

Let’s get walking!

Teams from all over Scotland are invited to take part and enjoy the benefits, whether you work in an office, factory, hospital or school. The challenge costs £30 for a team of five. You can rest easy at the end of every night having enjoyed a day of activity which benefits the wellbeing of your mind, your workplace and the natural environment.

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