The free Research Service at Scottish Enterprise is supporting companies through the energy transition opportunity – helping ensure they can innovate and scale up to transform our economy.

For any business, navigating your way into the market opportunities around energy transition might seem daunting; while some sectors, like offshore wind, are fairly well advanced in terms of large scale projects, others are still at an early stage.
Spending the time and money on market research and reports can be prohibitive for businesses – and that’s where the Research Service at Scottish Enterprise comes in.

Originally established to help Scottish companies solve problems in the market and provide free support to firms starting a new venture, it now increasingly focuses on where the energy transition opportunities are. It has also increased its coverage around emerging technologies, like AI and digital transformation, that are aligned with the key energy transition areas.

“We work with any company in Scotland that is interested in getting involved in the opportunities around energy transition,” explains Emily Wilson, Research Manager. “That could be very early stage companies who are seeking investment to develop and create their ideas, or spinouts from universities; sometimes they are one or two amazingly interesting, creative people who have worked in industry and have an idea they’d like to take forward – or it could be more established firms who employ larger numbers of people and want to take their business in a slightly different direction or shift their focus completely.”

The Research Service subscribes to a huge range of commercial market intelligence platforms and has, she says, really strengthened its coverage around areas like offshore wind, clean heat, the hydrogen economy. “We can use that, as well as reports commissioned by other teams in Scottish Enterprise, and public domain information, to answer questions for companies such as: what is the market like, who are the key players, what are the likely trends and who would my competitors and customers be? We work closely with companies to understand exactly what they want to do and the specific areas they need help with,” says Wilson.

“The sheer range and scale of opportunities around energy transition can feel quite daunting,” says Wilson, “but Scottish Enterprise, and the Research Service, is here to support and guide businesses and ensure they are well-equipped and ready to take on these challenges and help transform Scotland’s economy.”

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