Looking for a Cleaning Franchise but not sure Where to Start? Finally The Wellshine Cleaning Franchise Opportunity Now Available in Scotland.

Having had tremendous success south of the border Wellshine The Cleaning and Domestic Help Franchise are now looking for motivated, business minded individuals in Scotland to continue to grow the franchise brand.

After working in hard and soft landscaping for years I felt it was time for a career change and wanted a business that I could expand, and hopefully employ people at a later date. I also was looking for a something that would reflect my nature, and being a fastidious person in and around the home, a cleaning franchise sprang to mind…But where to start?

I started sifting through all the cleaning franchises in the UK to see which one would suit me best, had the support and branding I was looking for as well as all the tools and information to get me off to a flying start…Basically a proven model for success.

Next, I wanted to know more about the franchise business model itself, as it’s really helpful to understand franchises and how they operate and how they can benefit you, also the relationship with the franchisor and what to expect regarding support, franchise fees, territory and marketing etc. Also what are the benefits of owning and operating a franchise compared to starting up on your own.

I discovered that there are many benefits that franchising provides that you may not receive by starting your own business with your own business model and resources. Here are the main benefits of purchasing a franchise:

  •   Lower risk
  •   Customer loyalty
  •   Access to collective buying power
  •   Franchisor support
  •   Increased profitability

Franchises often offer a lower risk to franchisees because most of them have already established themselves as successful businesses. All the market testing and brand building that you would have done when starting your own business has already been done for you. This makes franchises a much more secure investment than starting an independent business.

Not only that; it certainly makes it easier for you to secure a loan from a bank or other lender as well. The franchisor or the established corporation will support your business and assist you with what you need to succeed, thereby reducing any risks you would have if you owned an independent business.

Customer loyalty

Since the majority of franchises are already established, they’re most likely have already built a solid brand and customer loyalty as well. Building a brand and growing a customer base takes a lot of time and marketing trial and error, which you already have if you choose to own your own franchise. Also when you invest in a franchise, you gain access to loyal customers and employees who are familiar with the brand. This will decrease your workload and help you focus on building profitability for your business.

Access to collective buying power

Generally, when you become the owner of a franchise, you gain access to suppliers who have established long-term relationships with the franchisor. Not only does the franchisor have an established reputation with suppliers, but they also often buy in bulk for many different franchise locations. This collective buying power often results in great deals of these supplies which can help reduce your overall operating expenses.

Franchisor support & advice

Your business will benefit from franchisor support and advice throughout the life of your business. From supplies to large-scale national marketing campaigns like social media or regional marketing driving the brand. Not only that, you may also receive ongoing training to help you with the ownership, management and marketing of your business.

Increased profitability

On the whole franchises are really successful in generating your return on investment. Thanks to the already-established brand and customer loyalty, it will likely not take long for your business to start generating profits.

The other benefits I was looking for when doing my research in finding a suitable cleaning franchise, were the initial cost of the franchise and what were the ongoing franchise fees…I wanted value for my money, also flexibility; I needed a business model that would fit into my shedule, I wanted to work from my office at home and have the capability of of doing things my way.

Also a franchise where the branding and logo are modern, eye catching and stand out, good design work on fliers and advertising materials, a strong online prescence, with great SEO for local enquiries and impressive back up and support.

The Wellshine Franchise ticked all the boxes for me and more. Not only did they have what I was looking for; the cleaning franchise package also includes:

  • National Website & Personalised webpage
  • National Social Media
  • 0800 Freephone call centre & Personal 0800 Freephone number
  • Full employment support
  • Dedicated support manager
  • Corporate email address
  • First year free accountancy
  • Employee payroll system
  • Optional carpet cleaner
  • Exclusive postcode area with room to expand
  • First 3 months online marketing

Wellshine are also the only cleaning franchise in the UK not to take a share of your profits. An initial cost for the franchise is required to get you set up and the ball rolling and then ongoing franchise fees. Also they are one of the less expensive cleaning franchises in the UK.

Having had tremendous success south of the border Wellshine The Cleaning and Domestic Help Franchise are now looking for motivated, business minded individuals in Scotland to continue to grow the franchise brand.

For more details call Fraser Geddes on:
07485 106090 Email: fraser@wellshine.co.uk