The social impact created by Miigen, the secure, private platform for senior life living, is increasing with each passing day as it continues to develop new applications designed to enhance the quality of later life and promote the mental wellbeing of the ageing population.

The Stirling-based internationally-operating technology challenger has an exponentially-increasing global footprint and, just five years after launch, it has 65,000 registered users and operates in 125 countries.

Of as great importance to co-Founder Craig J Lemmon, however, is the fact that Miigen is making a tangible difference to the lives of its users and allowing a wide spectrum of society to more closely engage older citizens within their communities.

Helping to correct the disconnect between older people and the wider world, as well as alleviating loneliness and creating stimulus, has been a major driver as the platform makes inroads into the longevity market, estimated to be worth $7.1 trillion in the US alone.

Aware that, by 2035, there will be more than 1.6 billion over-65s on the planet, Miigen focuses on creating “life rafts” of memories to act as memory triggers, and allows seniors to leave a Digital Time Capsule for future family generations.

Miigen is the core application in a rapidly-expanding suite of applications, which include Mii-LIFE, a dynamic magazine app providing a tool for community groups and local newspapers to focus on elderly residents. Other tools such as Bucket List and Obituaries are on the way.

The latest application is Mii-VAULT, which allows individuals with complex and offline document trails, or perhaps multiple properties and assets in a variety of jurisdictions, to ease the handling of their estates.

Mii-VAULT allows personal and financial affairs to be closely documented and easily retrieved on Miigen’s own secure servers, which have 256-bit encryption, a higher standard than most online ecommerce offerings and certainly on a par with Apple or Google.

The app – which lets anyone who wants to ensure their estate is in good order make sure that all the details needed by an executor can be passed on in an efficient and painless manner – has already proved of immediate interest to independent financial advisers, professional services providers and wealth management specialists.

IFAs will be able to offer Mii-VAULT to their clients either as a free bolt-on or as an additional paid service. IFAs can effectively become joint keyholders to the digital vault as well as trusted advisers.

Miigen is welcoming the increasing number of IFAs who have already signed up to the Mii-VAULT partner offering as well as encouraging individuals to speak to their advisers to ensure that they, too, are provided with the unique service.

Opportunities for partnering and sponsorship with Miigen’s suite of applications are also on the increase as more are rolled out and as the company continues to make inroads into the lucrative American market, backed by plans to open a new US office.