Offering a daily service to Mossend and three services a week to Grangemouth, PD Ports is the reliable and flexible choice for Scottish business looking to secure international trade routes with fewer carbon emissions.

As the owner and operator of Teesport, the sixth largest port in the UK, PD Ports understands its critical role in facilitating the nation’s trade and movement of goods.

We’re more than just a port – our group services offer transport, freight forwarding and warehousing, as well as a growing focus on rail freight.

One of our key strengths lies in our strategic location at Teesport, with major rail connections running through our port facilities including services to Mossend five times a week and Grangemouth three times a week, with options to increase to five times per week.

Our dedicated intermodal rail terminal offers direct access to rail links, enhancing our ability to handle large volumes of cargo efficiently and ensuring smooth and timely transfers between different modes of transportation.

We have strong relationships with some of the industry’s largest rail operators – GB Railfreight, DB Cargo, DRS and Freightliner. Our services are operated directly out of Teesport to key industrial connections across the UK.

We work tirelessly to expand our rail freight network further, bridging connections to key supply chain hubs and introducing rail to new and existing customer bases to offer flexible and reliable alternatives to road haulage.

The Scotland connection

Our daily rail services to Scotland are a great example of our ability to flex and adapt in line with changing market conditions and customer requirements.

Our services can boost efficiencies further for end-users, offering same day departure for many shipments arriving in to Teesport and heading up to Scotland.

The relationships we hold with our customers, stakeholders and partners are central to our ability to drive rail freight growth. They extend from end users and rail operators to the shipping lines themselves, thus enabling us to build bespoke solutions.

This collaborative approach enables us to truly optimise our own rail freight services and effectively meet the evolving needs of our expansive and diverse customer base.

Our intermodal service benefits from being directly aligned with Ro-Ro arrivals from Europe, granting further efficiency by allowing for cargo to make the next step of its journey the very same day.

The sustainable choice

Teesport is less vulnerable to disruptions and delays compared to many congested ports in the south, making our site an attractive option for global shippers looking to move cargo around the UK.

The necessity of making supply chains more resilient and reducing CO2 emissions underpin the burgeoning demand for additional container handling capacity at Teesport.

We have ambitious plans to position PD Ports as the UK’s most sustainable port operator – rail freight is absolutely central to that goal.

As a business that is proud of its extensive intermodal rail offering and capabilities, with up to 25 services a week, we remain strong advocates for the benefits of rail freight as a mode of onwards distribution capable of reducing CO2 emissions by up to 76% when compared to road.

Taking on a challenge

We excel in customer satisfaction and we love a challenge. But that dedication is not exclusive to our current customers – if your business is looking to do things differently, wondering if rail freight will work for you, come and talk to us at PD ports.

We will listen to your needs, find a solution, make it cost effective and help you to meet your sustainability targets.

Challenge us. Nothing is out of the ordinary or out of the question.

Contact our rail development manager Jo Edmenson at or 07484 903166.