One Scottish company taking the lead in tackling cyber security is AST Risk Consultancy & Training Services Ltd.

Founder, Alan Stenhouse has assisted numerous businesses of all sizes to address their security concerns, now he is offering you the chance to attend a breakfast seminar in which he’ll provide advice on cyber security and how engaging with cyber risk on a personal basis is key to addressing the biggest vulnerability in any organisation – it’s employees.

“Traditionally responsibility for a business’s security has rested solely with their IT or risk teams, but effective cyber security is the result of strong cultural awareness throughout the entire organisation, rather than the technical knowledge of a few,” explains Alan.

“Figures consistently show that the vast majority of cyber crimes are the result of human error in some way, indeed, employees are increasingly likely to be targeted by cyber criminals so it makes sense to equip them with the right training to deal with such attacks.

“People commonly hear the word ‘cyber’ and panic or switch off thinking this doesn’t affect me but in truth, our way of life in a digital world through our use of social media; the internet and our increasing reliance on Internet of Things devices, leaves us all susceptible to cyber crime.

“I want to dispel the myths of cyber security and show that ensuring your business is secure needn’t be a costly or complicated exercise.”

The breakfast seminar is to be at held at Apex Grassmarket Hotel, on 5th July at 8.30am, with an expected finish time of 10.00am, providing a convenient and accessible means by which to learn.

Attendees will come away from the event with a deeper understanding of the cyber threats to themselves as individuals and their business together with a clear idea of the protective steps to be taken.

Places are limited, to stay one step ahead of the threat and confirm your place now:

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