The Way to Work website makes it easier for Scottish employers to support sustainability across the commute and business travel

The Way to Work website makes it easier for workplaces to find the support they need to change their travel behaviour, reduce emissions, and accelerate the transition to Net Zero by 2045.

Changing our travel behaviour is integral to reaching Net Zero – domestic transport is the biggest contributor towards carbon emissions in Scotland.

In response to this, the Scottish Government has set out to cut car kilometres by 20% in the next decade. Low Emission Zones have also recently come into place in Scotland’s cities.

There is a need for businesses to adapt alongside these new measures. Doubled with rising fuel prices and the cost-of-living crisis, there is now an unprecedented opportunity for employers to rethink commuting and business travel and encourage a shift towards using active travel, public transport, and shared transport.

The Way to Work website supports businesses and their employees to make this shift.

Visitors to the website can find funding schemes, training opportunities, accreditations, motivational challenges, expert advice, helpful resources, and good practice case studies.

Way to Work brings all the available support into the one place, demystifying what Scottish workplaces can do around sustainable travel.

Kate Lesenger, Project Officer for Way to Work at Sustrans Scotland, says:

“By making changes to things like policies and facilities to encourage active and sustainable travel, employers will see multiple benefits come to fruition – from reductions in Scope 3 emissions, to better staff retention. Transport is an area where quick wins are possible, because some of the best solutions already exist. Organisations just need to be willing to adapt.”

Organisations can also sign Way to Work’s climate pledge, to amplify their commitment to sustainable travel and lead by example.

Funded by Transport Scotland, Way to Work is delivered by a partnership of organisations working to accelerate the Scottish Government’s vision for sustainable transport and the commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2045.

Visit Way to Work to start making small changes that make a big difference.