Enhancing resource and waste management working practices will be the focus of a new University of the West of Scotland (UWS) professional development programmes.

In collaboration with industry leaders, the SWITCH Forum, the University has developed two modules – Legislation and Licensing, and Compliance and Planning – to support employees within the resource and waste management sector in progressing their knowledge and practical skills.

Jan Miller, Programme Leader for Health, Safety and Environment, said: “Our collaboration with the SWITCH Forum has helped us develop robust training modules that will enable participants to develop an in-depth understanding of the key health, safety and environmental legislation and compliance within the workplace. This will help to strengthen their knowledge and understanding, enhancing their skills and boosting their employability.”

The courses, funded through Scottish Funding Council’s Upskilling Fund, will be available from January 2023 and are being offered to waste management operatives who live and work in Scotland. The Fund aims to help bridge the skills gap in key industries across the country.

Switch Forum added: “The UWS course is a wonderful programme for our sector to have. We encourage employers and individuals employed across the sector to consider the course and take up the chance to develop their skills, interact with other participants and receive a fantastic grounding in all the knowledge you will need to manage health, safety, and compliance. We have worked hard to ensure that this course will engage you, motivate you and will enhance your professional learning The course will be a key asset for us all and we want to see it benefitting those key members of staff who play such a crucial role in our sector, protecting and servicing the built and natural environments we all depend on.”

“These two course modules combined provide the perfect foundation to work towards receiving a Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC) or the fantastic base for continuing higher learning on to a higher-level degree qualification. This comes from the combination of a wealth of knowledge and experience and a good number of credits attained from successful completion of the modules.”

The SWITCH Forum is a multi-partnership made up of organisations across all sectors within the resource management industry. These organisations include: Zero Waste Scotland, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Government, private waste management companies, advisory bodies and local authorities.

Professionals working within the Waste Industry in Scotland can apply for a part funded place on each course by visiting:

Module 1: Legislation and Licensing – Commencing February 2023

Module 2: Compliance and Planning – Commencing May 2023

For information about professional development courses available at UWS, please visit www.cpd.uws.ac.uk

The SWITCH Forum is free to join, please visit https://switchforum.org.uk/