GES Group provide innovative solutions and technologies that enable companies to adopt the renewable energy transition. Headquartered in Ballymena, the group developed and adapted to Northern Irelands leading clean-tech consortium of co-located renewable sources. A company committed to accelerate the global transition towards clean, green, and renewable energy.

“We are absolutely delighted to be taking part in the 2024 All Energy as part of our Net Zero Collaborative visit to Glasgow. Our mission, headed up by the company CEO and in close association of various reputable and established partners, led us to further and exchange shared knowledge, add value, and expand our offering and solutions toward a collaborative green economy.”

“I have no doubt our engagement will broaden a shared initiative to provide innovative solutions and technologies, which will enable companies to adopt renewable energy with ease.”

GES offer a one-stop shop ecosystem for renewable technologies supporting clients through the full lifecycle asset registration verification, marketplace, and retirement. With our committed and versatile people and teamwork, we seek to gain our customers trust, confidence and ensure satisfaction in the quality products and services that we deliver.