An estimated 150,000 people in Scotland are living with bipolar disorder, one of the most severe and enduring mental illnesses. There’s so much stigma around this condition, partly because it can be destabilising.

People with bipolar experience recurrent episodes of manic highs and depressive lows, and some people may also experience psychosis during these periods. These extreme changes in mood can impact every facet of a person’s life and have a detrimental impact on their relationships, career and physical health. In Scotland right now, it takes an average of 9.8 years to get a correct diagnosis of bipolar and this delay can be life-threatening: people with bipolar are twenty times more at risk of suicide than the general population.

However, at Bipolar Scotland we know that people with bipolar can live fulfilling, happy lives – can even be exceptional in their fields. What helps them achieve this is the right support, and often that support is best coming from someone who really gets it.

We place lived experience at the heart of everything we do, which means that, alongside our medical advisor Professor Danny Smith, one of the leading experts in bipolar in Europe, most of our policy is informed by our “experts by experience” – people who actually live with bipolar, who tell us what they need. And we listen.

We work within communities to offer peer-to-peer support, which has been proven to be particularly effective alongside the correct medical care. With the right support, and an early diagnosis, people can live well and enjoy a good life: it’s our mission to make that happen for everyone living with bipolar in Scotland.

However, we need your support in order to keep our vital services running and keep transforming lives. Here are just a few ways your business can help Bipolar Scotland flourish in 2024, whilst also achieving your CSR targets, encouraging team building and boosting staff morale:

Taking part in a workplace challenge to raise funds with us

Would your team benefit from the bonding experience of working together on an endurance event like the Kiltwalk, The Great Scottish Run, or even Tough Mudda, while knowing they’re making a difference to thousands of lives? We can put together packages for your staff, from forms to team t-shirts, and help you through each step of the fundraising process.

Could we be your charity of the year?

We’re always looking to partner with corporations who share our values and are committed to supporting mental health. Could you work with us for a year (or even longer) to help us raise funds and awareness, cementing your commitment to mental wellbeing and creating valuable opportunities to bring employees together with a sense of purpose?

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving, also known as Give as You Earn, is an easy, convenient, and tax-effective way corporations and employees can make a regular donation to Bipolar Scotland.

Gifts In Kind

We always welcome non-cash donations too – can you offer some pro bono work for one of our support groups, or for us as an organisation? Would you be able to offer us raffle prizes, supply refreshments for a support group or a self-management training course, or clothing and personal care items for our service users?

If you think your organisation could help Bipolar Scotland deliver our services, save and transform lives, please get in touch with us at – or you can check out the work we’re already doing at