The Developing the Young Workforce Dumfries and Galloway team have announced that their 2021 ‘Bang Goes DG!’ STEM event will be presented on their newly refreshed You Tube Channel, #DYWFlix this May.

Work has now begun on the STEM programme with businesses and organisations being approached to take part. DYW Programme Manager, Justin Thomas said, “After having to cancel the 2020 live event we were determined to make sure we did something for 2021 and taking it online was the obvious answer.  It means that we can play with BGDG’s format and open it out to all young people wherever they are and for the first time we can now also involve pupils at primary age.”

As with the live show, the aim of BGDG is to inform young people about what Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics actually are and how they are involved in numerous sectors and to showcase the many career opportunities that can, do and could exist around them in their futures and to ensure that they remain encouraged that there are careers and opportunities awaiting them.

Justin continues, “We want to express that even with COVID-19 in our lives, STEM opportunities adapt and carry on and we would like to illustrate how careers, technologies and ways of working have changed due to the virus and how these changes will impact the working life of our young people in their futures.  We do not want to shy away from reality and are asking contributors if they can present issues and facts by showing viewers how the world has changed and will continue to adapt to a COVID 19 world.  We would like to ask ‘What does Digital mean post COVID -19?’ What could ‘remote working’ look like and we are very keen to develop a series of webisodes about what exactly COVID-19 actually is and how Scientists especially have dealt with the situation.”

The format of the week will be altered for 2021 with an entire week of content being developed.  DYW DG’s regular partners, Food and Drink Federation Scotland, Scottish Engineering and CITB are again involved and also helping to source material.

All material will be available by the #BGDG playlist on DYW DG’s You Tube channel –

Consisting of several playlists including ‘Yesterdays Times’, ‘Business View’, ‘Skills for Life’, ‘Be inspired’, ‘Offices without walls’, ‘Step into care’, ‘Be our Guest’ and more, the channel underwent an overhaul during the 2020 lockdown and focus on it becoming a resource to inform viewers about various aspects of the world of work from industry insights to interviews to site tours designed to be an addition to learning in and out of the classroom was developed.

A series of various Continuous Professional Development webisodes is also currently in preparation for Teachers, Careers Advisors, Jobcentre Advisors and Parents/Guardians.

“We have lots more planned for the channel throughout 2021” says Justin, “including brand new content for #Sciencebehindtheflavours (food and drink industry) and #ThisIsEngineering, so please do subscribe to keep up to date and ring that bell to get notifications of our updates!”

‘DYWFlix’ is available on You Tube (Search DYW Dumfries & Galloway)

‘Bang Goes DG! 2021’ will take place May 24-28th.  For information on how to participate email