BOOMDAY is set to become a leading force in the fitness world by helping social media influencers monetise their content.

Social media influencers who have large followings can generate healthy incomes by promoting products for different companies, however it can be difficult for them to monetise their actual
content. Boomday offers a solution by providing an online subscription platform that will help health and fitness celebrities and influencers to leverage their large followings in order to make money from their content.

Boomday’s arrival to the market comes at a time when gyms are closed, people are restricted to working out at home, and there is a real appetite for online health and fitness content. This provides a win-win for consumers looking for health and fitness online content and also for influencers who are looking to monetise their content at a time when some of their other revenue streams, such as events, have been impacted by lockdowns.

Business Loans Scotland have supplied a £100k loan which has enabled the team at Boomday to finalise the development of their product and bring it to market. This exciting platform is due to launch in February 2021 in the UK with ambitions to expand globally soon after.

Speaking of the loan awarded, Fund Manager for Business Loans Scotland, Andrew Dickson said:

“Boomday is bringing an exciting new online platform to the health and fitness market and will appeal to the younger generation involved in health and fitness. I believe there will be plenty of opportunities to grow the business and create high value-added jobs. I’m delighted that Business Loans Scotland has been able to support Boomday with a £100,000 loan and wish the company well in growing the business and look forward to watching them grow and flourish.”

Murray Kennedy from Boomday added, “We are very appreciative of the support we have received from Business Loans Scotland. The affirmation and financial support from the team at BLS after
reviewing our business concept and financial projections added to our confidence as we launch this exciting new Platform to the market.”