A new report commissioned as part of the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee outlines how career services need to evolve to keep up with changes in the world of work.

An independent programme board, commissioned and supported by Skills Development Scotland, heard the views of employers across the country, listening to their experiences of current services and how they could be improved.

A wide range of young people, parents and carers, teachers, careers advisers and other organisations also contributed.

Recommendations include:

  • more opportunities to experience fair work, exploring jobs in different ways
  • greater focus on developing skills for the world of work
  • a greater emphasis on career education within the curriculum
  • enhancing digital services to ensure they empower and engage young people

Former general secretary of the STUC, Grahame Smith, led the Career Review Programme Board, along with a range of representatives from across education and the third sector.

He said: “This has been the most comprehensive review of Scotland’s career services in a generation.

“Informed by in-depth evidence and developed with employers, our recommendations are designed to provide the next generation with the support, guidance and skills they need to thrive in the future.

“The evidence tells us that Scotland has an all-age career service which is internationally recognised for its quality and impact.

“But what worked yesterday, won’t work tomorrow and this review represents a decisive shift in how we prepare and support young people to engage and thrive in the future world of work.

“We look forward to continuing our work with Scottish Government and a wide range of partners and stakeholders to quickly implement these recommendations for the benefit of all young people in Scotland.”

Responding to the review recommendations, Minister for Youth Employment and Training Jamie Hepburn said: “We welcome this report and accept all its recommendations. As we look to next steps, we start from strong foundations and the evidence tells us that young people really value the career support they receive.

“However, as we emerge from the pandemic it is more important than ever all learners continue to receive the support they need to inform their future careers.

“We will use the findings of this review to push even further to make career services even more consistent, accessible and impactful.”

Chair of Skills Development Scotland Frank Mitchell said: “Our economy and society are changing at a rapid rate. Major societal issues like climate change, disruptive technologies and shifting demographics are transforming the world of work.

“Scotland’s career services need to help young people navigate and thrive in this uncertain and disruptive future.

“We look forward to working with a wide range of partners to lead this change and deliver on the review.”

The Scottish Government has agreed that the Career Review Programme Board will continue in its role to take forward the implementation of the recommendations.

Find out more at www.CareerReview.scot