The Apprentice Transition Plan service was developed by Skills Development Scotland in order to support apprentices made redundant through the impact of COVID-19.

The service will help individuals market themselves to prospective employers.

The support is a bespoke consultancy service tailored to each individual’s personal circumstances and learning providers help the individual to complete their Apprentice Transition Plan.

An element of the service is the creation of a Record of Achievement, which lists all of an individual’s certifications and skills, including transferable skills.

As an official document, the Record of Achievement can support a CV and enables employers who are recruiting to get a more accurate understanding of a candidate’s abilities and achievements.

The Apprentice Transition Plan service helped Fletcher Makin to get a new job.

Only weeks into Fletcher’s Modern Apprenticeship, a national lockdown was declared as a result of COVID-19 and the 21 year old was placed on furlough before being made redundant in April last year.

Having only been in the apprenticeship a short time meant that Fletcher hadn’t yet gained enough experience to be formally assessed and receive any awarding body certification for his progress.

As part of the service, Fletcher worked with his learning provider, QA, to identify and record all the technical skills and learning he had gained during his apprenticeship into a Record of Achievement document, benchmarking his skills against an SCQF level.

The support helped Fletcher land a new role with a lettings and property management firm.

Fletcher said: “Working with Joanne at QA to understand all the technical and transferable skills I had because of my apprenticeship enabled me to communicate it all during my job interview. I could explain that I had knowledge of the systems and office equipment. I was also pleased that having everything recorded gave me a form of recognition.”

Apprentices made redundant who were close to completing their apprenticeship could also be eligible to get help to complete their qualification.

Sarah Shannon started a Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship in 2019 whilst working part time for a charity.

However, when Sarah was close to completing her apprenticeship she was made redundant in August last year as a result of the pandemic.

Sarah’s learning provider, Training Matters, tapped into COVID-19 support from Skills Development Scotland so Sarah could complete her qualification as part of the Apprentice Transition Plan service.

Employers can also encourage any individuals affected by redundancy to benefit from this free, one to one service up until March 2022.

More information for employers about the Apprentice Transition Plan is available on