Edinburgh is renowned for its history, architecture, and culture, but what about its investment opportunities? Property experts Tremont Investment explore why global investors should choose the Scottish capital for their next investment.

With leading and emerging industries such as life sciences, tech, and finance, Edinburgh is an attractive city for businesses, entrepreneurs, and talented professionals. As the city’s business sector and population continues to grow, so does the demand for commercial and residential property – making Edinburgh an attractive opportunity for global property investors.

Edinburgh City Council estimated that Edinburgh could be bigger than Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, by 2032, and according to statistics, the buy-to-let market in Edinburgh offers yields of over 6 percent. For global investors, this offers an opportunity to secure a high-ROI in an investor-friendly climate, away from alternatives – such as Germany – where property investment regulations prevent value creation.

In addition to the commercial property market, which saw a 50 percent increase in 2021 across Scotland, and the residential property market, Edinburgh benefits from one of the most in-demand student letting markets. The city is home to 4 world-renowned universities, including the University of Edinburgh which has around 36,000 students. University buildings in Edinburgh are also spread across the city offering a wide range of student property opportunities for investors.

For those looking invest in the tourist letting market, Edinburgh is one of the most profitable places to own a holiday home and is the UK’s second-largest tourist destination, according to Visit Britain. Home to numerous festivals, including the world’s largest arts festival the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as an array of conference centres welcoming delegates from across the globe, Edinburgh sees over 2 million visitors every year.

For global investors interested in choosing Edinburgh for their next property investment, Tremont Investment offers expert guidance and support. With quick decisions and a non-hierarchical structure, Tremont Investment has detailed knowledge of the assets, markets and needs of clients, helping global investors to achieve optimum results.

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