Zhejiang hresys Technology Co., Ltd. (“HRESYS”) is a high-tech enterprise with smart and clean energy at its core.

The company is huge; with a 6 Gigafactory facility.

The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, China at the future science and technology city with its production facilities located in Changxing and Hangzhou.

HRESYS’s goal is to be the world’s leading provider of new energy solutions.

It has focused on high-technology solutions by developing a series of products around their intellectual property patents, high-tech added value and their core competitiveness.

Relying on new clean and renewable energy solutions such as photovoltaic and wind power generation supported by energy storage, HRESYS provides customers with a suite of comprehensive services including marketing, R & D, design, implementation, operation and maintenance, to achieve a win-win co-operation with its customers.

As a new energy technology company, we adhere to the principle of “customer first”. We always adhere to continuous innovation and ‘pushing the envelope’ to breakthrough with new and more advanced technologies making sure that we retain high-quality products and service to complete our aim of a ‘total satisfaction customer experience’.

‘Smart energy solutions for a cleaner world’

As a comprehensive service provider in the clean energy and renewables space, HRESYS provides customers with a one-stop professional solution service for smart energy with design, technical feasibility, EPC / EMC project cooperation, market resource integration, project implementation and operation & maintenance, energy big data, operation and maintenance management services and more.

We can provide a total zero-carbon green city solution

A typical comprehensive energy system usage scenario includes the outline scheme of the user side, the power generation side, and the data centre backup power.

HRESYS has huge experience in overall system design, production and project implementation and our technical team can provide you with total overall project support.

Deep project scenario application ability, industrial and commercial comprehensive energy storage solution ability, decommissioning system project experience.

We can provide a zero-carbon green city solution – integration of light and energy storage

The HRESYS core system advantages:

1. Provide all aspects for the project, from equipment production and installation to investment, construction and operation of integrated optical storage projects.

2. Smooth the power supply, improving the security and stability of the power grid and the quality of power supply and save electricity expenses.

3. The core technology in our energy storage systems has been developed ‘in-house’ to ensure our customers are provided with the most advanced and reliable products with industry-leading system complete set conversion efficiency (significantly increased from 85% to 91-93%) ;

4. Deep experience in new energy solutions, perfect project integration and construction and operation capabilities ensure the safety of our products.

5. Our in-house developed big data cloud platform ensures the efficiency of data management and the convenience of operation and maintenance.

6. Our own battery management system ( BMS ) has been designed and manufactured ‘in-house’.

7. Fully developed ‘in-house’ intellectual property

• Research and development of battery fire management system

• Research and development of digital management controller

• Research and development of full-time big data analysis platform

• Service room to achieve full-time data back-up.

8. Highly integrated

• Containerised room; standard 20/40 feet or ccustomised specifications;

• Battery modules, battery management systems (BMS), battery cluster cabinets;

• Energy storage converter (PCS), data control platform;

• Auxiliary control system (temperature control system, fire protection system, etc.)

• Monitoring system, early warning system, etc.