Statkraft is in a unique position in the energy industry. With a history in renewables that spans over 125 years, we’ve grown from a single hydro plant in Norway, to Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. This is a heritage we’re immensely proud of.

But more than this, in the UK we stand out as developing the widest range of services and technologies required for a successful energy transition. Our activities across Scotland, England and Wales span traditional hydro, wind and solar development, innovative green hydrogen, grid stability services and batteries, and the project optimisation and route to market services essential for a thriving market.

This multi-tech approach and knowledge all within one organisation allows us to bring a unique perspective to projects. We’re able to stay open minded and consider what is suitable at a location. This could be a combination of technologies rather than a single solution, whether it’s an opportunity for a grid stability project, or a project where the renewables could be powering an electrolyser and generating green hydrogen.

We have a view of the associated innovation required to optimise new technologies, to create a route to market for the energy generated and to ensure there are healthy trading mechanisms in place. Without this piece of the puzzle, developers of new products wouldn’t be profitable, and the industry wouldn’t be able to progress.

We’re constantly evaluating whether existing policies and funding mechanisms will support what’s to come, or hinder progress, working with governments and trade bodies to drive the industry forward.

It’s this holistic view of the energy market that allows Statkraft to play a pivotal role in the UK’s energy transition. To discuss further please visit us at All-Energy stand L30, or find out more at our website