The language used in Scottish education has changed – the language used in recruitment needs to change too.

The SCQF is Scotland’s national qualifications framework. It provides a way of describing, comparing and understanding a wide range of qualifications and learning programmes across Scotland and internationally.

SCQF Inclusive Recruiter

In this challenging climate it’s even more important to put the right person with the right skills in the right job.

The SCQF Inclusive Recruiter scheme helps employers understand that many different qualifications have the same worth and encourages the use of SCQF levels in the recruitment process instead of specific qualifications to allow them to recruit more widely and inclusively.

Did You Know? 93% of qualifications on the SCQF at Level 6 are NOT Highers

Why Use SCQF Levels?

When recruiting staff, how you specify the level of skill or competence that you need applicants to have is important. Job adverts often ask for applicants to have a ‘degree or equivalent’, or Highers or equivalent. Understanding what that ‘equivalent’ might be is essential to maximising the range and diversity of potential applicants.

For example, a Higher sits at level 6 on the SCQF, however 93% of qualifications at level 6 on the SCQF are not Highers. By using SCQF levels in your recruitment processes instead of specific qualifications, you can significantly widen your pool of applicants, who may have a variety of qualifications or skills and experience at the required level, ensuring that you get the best range of suitable candidates for your roles.

How do I know what SCQF Level to ask for?

Our Know Your Level – Employers tool can help you to level your job role to the SCQF so you know you are recruiting at the right level. It can also help you recognise skills and experience at different levels.

So instead of

  • Minimum 3 Highers
  • Qualified to HND level in a relevant discipline
  • Degree or Equivalent

why not try

  • This role would suit someone working at SCQF Level 6
  • You will be educated to SCQF Level 8 or have relevant skills and experience in …
  • Qualifications or skills and experience at SCQF Level 9 (e.g. Degree, Graduate Diploma)

and see the difference it could make to your recruitment?


If you would like to find out more about the SCQF and how to become an SCQF inclusive Recruiter, you can book a 1:1 session with our Employer Support Lead. She will talk you through the range of free materials and support that we offer.


But don’t just take our word for it!