NOW is the time to be planning ahead and looking at your workplace travel planning measures and how you can encourage and support your employees to change to a greener commute. And as an employer, look to implement the right policies to support employees working from home longer term and ultimately reduce the need to travel as much as we used to.

Covid 19 has demonstrated that, as a nation, we can change our travel behaviour and in many cases our working patterns too. This is now the time to put in place measures and support to enable your employees to maintain these changes in travel behaviour into 2021 and beyond.

Travelknowhow Scotland is an online resource which offers organisations across Scotland FREE, easy access to a wide variety of travel planning solutions to help with the development and implementation of measures to engage with their employees in order to start changing travel behaviour to and from their own workplace.

The website offers:

  • access to travel planning information and links to local resources;
  • specialist travel planning advice;
  • specialist marketing advice to aid employee engagement;
  • practical hints and tips; and
  • adaptable downloadable templates aimed at providing cost effective internal and external communications.

Funded and supported by Scotland’s 7 Regional Transport Partnerships and Transport Scotland. Currently, there are over 250 workplaces across Scotland already using this FREE resource.

Travelknowhow Scotland is also part of Way to Work, meaning we are able to work with our Way to Work partners to offer multi modal advice to workplaces.

Significant business benefits to be gained

Encouraging more active and sustainable travel options to employees not only has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your workforce but brings with it significant business benefits too.

  • save money on the cost of providing and maintaining parking spaces.
  • save money on energy bills in offices as well as reviewing office lease arrangements.
  • solve problems caused by demand for parking.
  • cut mileage claims and other business travel costs.
  • reduce staff downtime spent travelling on business.
  • reduce the costs of running a fleet.
  • solve delivery and customer access problems caused by traffic congestion around your site.
  • improve your image with both customers, suppliers and neighbours.
  • improve staff health and reduce absenteeism.
  • help recruit and keep staff by making journeys to work easier and cheaper, and improving your image as a responsible employer.
  • improve your corporate social responsibility reputation, including meeting environmental targets

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Sign up for FREE virtual workshops taking place in January and February 2021.

Travelknowhow Scotland are offering organisations across Scotland the opportunity to sign up for FREE virtual workplace travel planning workshops.

These workshops are designed to support organisations to develop a workplace travel plan as well as providing help with navigating the many schemes, funding opportunities and active and sustainable travel behaviour initiatives that are available across Scotland and in their particular region to find what works best for you and your employees.

Organisations signing up to the workshops will also been given the opportunity to take advantage of some FREE consultancy time, providing them with valuable, hands on support for their specific workplace. This free consultancy time is limited and will be allocated by region, on a first come, first serve basis.

Spaces are limited, so contact us today at to secure your place at one of the workshops and to be in with a chance of accessing the FREE consultancy time.

More information can be found on the Travelknowhow Scotland website.